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Gym Floor refinishing

We offer complete sanding and refinishing or a screen and recoat for maintenance including game lines and logos.

Refinishing of stages, classrooms , dance floors and all your sports flooring needs!

Complete Refinish:

involves sanding all of the game lines and finishing off the floor down to the raw wood. At this point, any boards or subfloor that are damaged can be repaired or replaced. The floor will be refinished with a ride-on sanding machine, with a minimum of three cuts using coarse, medium and fine sandpapers.

Screen and Recoat:

- consists of roughing up the top layer of finish on the floor with a light abrasive screening disk. This allows the new coat of finish to adhere to the existing finish coats to prevent cracking or peeling. We can do the work on Friday afternoon, and by Monday your finish is dry enough to play on!

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